Safe Medical Transport


I used a medical transports company to remain at home

During my second pregnancy, I learned that there was a problem with the baby, and that I would have to remain in bed during my last two months of pregnancy. I would not be able to ride in a normal car, and I could only walk for a few minutes everyday. I knew that this was going to be difficult, and I wanted to spend my two months at my home where I could be comfortable.

I was able to solve many of the challenges involved with being at home by using a medical transports service. This company was able to arrange for my travel home from the hospital. I was then able to make my way into a hospital bed that had been setup in my bedroom, and I soon found that I was much more comfortable.

I then used this medical transports company to take me back to the hospital for weekly tests. The staff was very kind, and I found that their ambulance offered a comfortable ride. I then used this company to travel to the hospital two days before I was due to give birth to a healthy baby.